The butterfly house


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The butterfly house

For the winter, the house, shelter folded, will house the butterflies of the cold.

In summer, the open shelter will provide food.

Here is a summer and winter shelter for butterflies!

During the warm months of the year, use the habitat as a feeder with the feeder open. The food will be available on this space: ripe fruit, specialty food, water. 

In winter, the plateau can be folded back into a comfortable wintering house for non-migratory butterflies. 
The shelter has a wooden structure divided into compartments adapted to non-migratory butterflies.

Place the butterfly house in a place protected from the wind and sunny. Ideally, installed at least 50 cm from the ground, in winter. 
It is mainly in early spring and late summer that food intake will be appreciated. It is at these times that natural nectar runs out in nature.

Characteristics of the butterfly house:

Instruction booklet included

The butterfly house is made from slow-drying lumber that is naturally durable and therefore requires no additional treatment. 
The decorative blue finish is water-based and can be serviced periodically.

Weight: 600 gr

Dimensions: 18 cm x 24 cm x 24.5 cm